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The 19th Shanghai Int'l Ad&Sign Technology&Equipment Exhibition
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The 19th Shanghai Int'l Ad&Sign Technology&Equipment Exhibition

Exhibition time:6th-9th,July,2011

Address:Shanghai New Exhibition Center ( No.2345 Longyang Road)

Our booth No.:E5Hall No.669-702\670-703


Industry Focus
Consumer Electronics,   Lights & Lighting

Products Focus
1.Ad & Sign Making Equipment & Materials
2.Printing Equipment & Consumables
3.Exhibition, Displaying and Commercial Facility
4.New Media Technology & Equipment, Innovative Design Industry
5.LED, Neon, Large Video Screen Displaying & Applied Technology & Equipment
6.Landscape Illumination Equipment
7.City Lighting
8.Pre-press, Digital & Press Printing
9.Labeling, Sign & Screen Printing
10.Paper, Folding Carton, Converting & Corrugated Carton
11.Post-printing Equipment

The 19th Shanghai Int'l Ad, Print, Pack, Paper Expo - the largest Global Trade Fair - is regarded as the No. 1 Expo of China AD and Sign Industry. The 18th Shanghai International Ad, Print, Pack, Paper Exhibition will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on July 7-10, 2010. This expo will cover a 150, 000 SQM showing area with 11 Halls. It will be the most professional and influential global trade fair with the largest number of exhibitors and the widest variety of exhibit. Experiencing Shanghai in July, gaining an insight into the future digital age.

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