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2009 International Shoe Machinery & Raw Materials Exhibition
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One of the ten largest shoe-tech fairs in the world.
          After 12 years of devotion into shoe-making industry, 2008 International Shoe Machinery & Raw Materials Exhibition has comprehensively covered all kinds of shoe materials and equipment, for example, all types of shoe materials and shoe machines for making men shoes, women shoes,children shoes, leather shoes, sport shoes, lesuire shoes and safety shoes. “ALL CHINA SHOE-TECH” is reputed as one of the top ten shoe-tech exhibition with the most complete exhibits in the world.

Wenzhou---the industry base of shoe materials and shoe machinery
          Wenzhou, a city with vigor and advantage of industrial base, brings up a large number of private outdtanding entrepreneurs. They help creat demand peak of shoe-making industries. The economy of Wenzhou is so active that it influences the entire Zhejiang Province and even the Fujian province around. Since now, there have been many shoe materials companies and shoe machinery enterprices in Wenzhou city and Fujian province.

Highlights in 2008
          With 12 years of exhibition experience and the powerful advantage of industrial base, 2007 International Shoe Machinery & Raw Materials Exhibition now has 715 exhibiting companies from domestic and some other companies from Italy, Russia, Germany, Brazil and so on. This year, the exhibiting area is 32,000㎡ with 26,212 visitors. Compared with 2007, there will be more than 800 exhibitors with 34,000㎡ exhibiting area and over 30,000 visitors in 2008. The exhibits will be more representative of the market and more colorful in variaty. It aims to provide a trade platform for the procurement of high, medium and low-grade products.

Stregthen one-on-one buyer service
          Our professional services of exhibition is never-ending. Therefore, we work our way to improve the quality of buyers to achieve win-win strategy. In 2006, we launched the one-one-one buyer invitation service. In 2007, we carried out the formal buyers VIP services for the high-quality professional trade buyers. In 2008, the buyers of such one-on-one VIP services will be strengthened, not only for matchmaking of buyers and sellers in the exhibition period but also providing comprehensive services before and after the exhibiting time.

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