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Exhibition anywhere...

Tentsnology Tent&House Co.,Ltd belongs to TentsGroup,From a small reception areas to a grand exhibition hall, count your display with TENTSGROUP, stowed in customized transit case or carry bags to protect the system and graphic in transit, and deliver your intended message in seconds.

Stand out from the crowd...

TENTSGROUP has grown into a leading tents with the business concept of marketing exhibition tent,wedding tent,pagoda tent,yurt tent,folding tent and specializes in large party tent to the exhibition, retail, commercial, and corporate sectors.
TENTSGROUP has Established an outstanding of reputation through a commitment to the following factors:

"Quality of Product"
"Quality of Service"
"Competitive Pricing"

Our advantages are:

     With our continuous extensive research worldwide and own team for development, we improve the existing items, and create new TENTSGROUP exclusive items. We always bring the newest idea into market.

      Our team in China is specially taking care of production, ensuring the delivery date, and controlling the quality of every single shipment from our own warehouse before it be shipped from China.

     We are 24 hours supporting our distributors and wholesalers with easy local and international communication for products information, service consulting, and all other possible questions they might have.

      We offer full solution to our distributors and wholesalers which including: full ranges of products information, technical supports, catalogue presentation, way of marketing, ordering, all the logistics (quality controlling, transportation, payment),  after-sales-service, etc.


With our over 8 years experiences in this industry, and the most efficient way of operation, our full solution will make you have: 
 Most convenient way for all communications
 Newest products updated
 Best price for excellent products with full quality guarantee
 Quick delivery
 Easiest and most safe way to do international business

"Whatever your company's objective, size or budget, we can help to make your organization stands out!"

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